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Helpline Number:
(0)98401 37982

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Dear Candidate,

      Education , as we have always emphasized, is all things to all classes. For   the  upper class it  is a ceremony, a ritual to go through. Education confers some social status. That's all. It doesn't earn any big money. For the middle class, it is life and death ! Education is just money,  a  means to a  career. For  the poor class it is a pious hope . A way to escape from the miseries  of living. 

Objectives & Achievement:

  • IIMAT, when incorporated in the year 1993, introduced only Labour  Management oriented diploma courses, like Training & Development, HRD, Labour Administration, Industrial Relation & Personnel Management etc. As the  time advanced, we  have re-oriented our diploma courses and introduced courses like Business Management, Business Administration, Total Quality Management, Quality Control and Quality Assurance etc. IIMAT is one among the few institution in  India  to introduce new diploma courses on ISO 9000, QS 14000 under correspondence education.
  • IIMAT imparts purely correspondence diploma courses by  delivering education at  the  door- steps of  the students , who are unable  to do regular education.
  • IIMAT is under the control and supervision  of our strong Academic & Administrative Members.
  • IIMAT offers both Six Months and Post Graduate ( 18 Months ) Diploma courses by correspondence.



Helpline Number: (0)98401 37982.